Access to Food

The Access to Food Partnership is made up of BCP Council, Public Health Dorset and the Community and Voluntary Sector. Residents and organisations come together to provide various food support options across the area. View the BCP Access to Food map here

Bournemouth Foodbank believes that no one in the community should ever go hungry. They work with many professional agencies to provide people with support, 3-day emergency food, training & upskilling, as well as debt & budgeting advice.

Poole Pantry helps anyone on a low income to eat a balanced & nutritional diet by accessing food at an affordable price from a membership-based community pantry.

Feed Our Community originated as Boscombe Community Fridge. They reallocate surplus food to save waste.

Winton and Parkstone Community Pantry is run by volunteers who collect and distribute free surplus food through their community pantry sessions.

Townsend Community Fridge helps tackle food waste by redistributing food from households and businesses to the community.

Branksome and Rossmore Community Fridges tackle food waste by redistributing surplus food to the community. There are two fridges in Branksome & Rossmore Libraries. They are free to use and open to all.

West Howe Community Enterprises has been a local charity since 2009.