General Advice on Starting a Business

The UK Government provides a long line of guides and instructions about setting up a new business, self-employment or enterprise. This guidance is completely free, includes government-supported programmes and links to plenty of resources.

Dorset Growth Hub

The BCP Council works with the Dorset Chamber of Trade and Commerce and WSX Enterprises, assembling the funding together for Dorset Growth Hub. This offers information for new businesses to get started, and existing businesses to grow. 
There’s also information about finance, employment, contact details for local suppliers, support schemes, regional news, training, seminars and networking events.
Businesses can even win grants and vouchers for showing growth potential.

Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership

A successful programme throughout the region, the Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership provides essential advice, support and investment into the local economy, including new businesses and projects for the betterment of the community.